“Rage” – The Bipolar Disorder Poem


Some days I feel like a Queen

I’m better than amazing

I cook, I clean

I go for bike rides

And feel the breeze

I am invincible

I am really happy being me

The kids get spoiled

We go for ice cream

The park is their favorite

We never want to leave

I am more loving and caring

This is who I strive to be

Out of nowhere something snaps

And everything goes black

My heart is more sensitive you see

Something so simple, so stupid

Really hurts and angers me

I scream, I yell

I shout things I don’t mean

Don’t dare try to comfort me

It doesn’t work

No not for me

Then snap I am back

I am so ashamed

I hide my face in disgrace

I am so dumb, so stupid

Why did I act that way

No one should love me

I am a mental case

I should be locked away

It’s a new day

The sun is shining

No clouds in the sky

I am feeling okay

The devil won’t get me today

I try to stay strong

But really I am weak

This is nothing new to me

Everyday is a battle you see

When you are fighting BiPolar Rage like me

-Terri Lee Elliott

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