My Mental Illness Defines Me & That’s Okay!

I am the face of Mental Illness!

I am the face of Bipolar.

I am the face of ADD / ADHD.

I am the face of severe depression.

I am the face of rage.

I am the face of anxiety!

& just because it’s “all in my head” doesn’t make it any less real!!!

I am surviving & my battle is far from over!

I was diagnosed at just 14… For most a diagnosis is a life changing experience for the better, finally getting the confirmation that you are not at fault for your emotions & you can’t just control it. But for me it was the total opposite… I had already labeled myself as psycho, but now I was freak!

I then spent 8 years ignoring my diagnosis & hating myself more & more everyday! It wasn’t until my mom finally rode my ass so much about going to a Dr to seek help that I finally after 8 years accepted & admitted my Illnesses.

After the life changing visit I went home and did

a massive amount of research on the #1 Illness that impacts my life the most… BiPolar Disorder!

For hours I read signs, symptoms, facts, & first hand stories from other warriors. & from that moment my entire life & outlook changed. I was no longer a freak! I was just young woman suffering & battling a real life invisible illness! The weight of the world was finally lifted off my shoulders!

I still & always will have many issues that I have to over come. But it is definitely not as hard as it used to be! Now I look at myself & I see amazing things. I see a survivor, a lover, a dedicated mother, a hard worker, an amazing daughter, & a warrior! I still have bad thoughts & visions, I still have severe depression, I still have uncontrollable anger, & sometimes I go back to hating myself wondering why I am alive. But that is me, it is who I am, it is who I will always be. & I am finally happy being me, even knowing I have a Chemical Imbalance that can never be cured. I am not a freak, I am unique!

Terri Lee Elliott

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal!” -Aldous Huxley



One thought on “My Mental Illness Defines Me & That’s Okay!

  1. This is exactly how I feel. The mighty has been a life-changer for me for I’m able to connect with others who have bipolar as well as learn about my bipolarism and the hidden symptoms that I thought or signs of me dying


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